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Verified Supplier
Verified Supplier is an exclusive service offered by that provides comprehensive information of a business entity A Verified Supplier indicates that the customer details on are authentic & verified. Only members that have completed a verification procedure conducted by a third-party get to display a Verified Supplier on

Verified Supplier is an indicator of companies standing in the market. It is an effective tool through which buyers get credible information

Benefits of Verified Supplier :

For Sellers
  • Gives instant credible information of the company.
  • Offers high chances to receive enquiries from buyers.
  • Provides buyers with extra confidence in dealing with Trust Stamp suppliers.

For Buyers
  • Provides transparency regarding the genuineness of potential trading partners.
  • Provides exhaustive details of the sellers.
  • Reduces risk of Fraud.
  • Ensures smooth business transactions which are Reliable, Cost Effective & Time Saving.

Process of Verification

At, We have taken steps to ensure that the Suppliers / Vendors on our network with Verified Supplier status have been alloted the same after obtaining a Copy Verifiable Credentials. Under this process, A Supplier / Vendor has to submit a attested  copy of  specified documents which are basically the legal evidence of entity's credentials based on certain credibility parameter. After obtaining the documents, ensures the authenticity of the documents and acccordingly give the status of " Verified Supplier" to a business entity.

The basic docuements of most of business entities are

1. Name of the Business and Year of Incorporation:
(A certified copy of certificate of incorporation, partnership deed etc)
2. Telephone numbers: Certified Copy of the latest telephone bills in the name of the business entity
3. Address Proof of the Company, like Ownership Documents or Utility Bills,
4. Income tax Registration / PAN number
5. IEC code6. Service Tax Registration
7. Banker Details
8. Sales tax number
9. RBI code number, etc

Other Docuements

1 Quality Certifications,
2 Audited Balance Sheets,
3 Health Norms,
4 Anti Child Labour Certifications,
5 Environment freindly product and business entity, etc

After ensuring the Claimed Credentials, We at allot a "Verified Supplier" status to a business entity, along with mentioning the basis on which the same has been alloted.

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